SRC Engineering Services firmly believes in principles of proactive environmental compliance, compliance with ISO quality standards, and developing sustainable and cost effective solutions to meet the challenges of current and newly emerging environmental issues around the globe.Barwell-2010_18

SRC Engineering Services has more than 50 years combined experience in designing environmental solutions and in assisting clients achieve excellent compliance and permitting milestones and goals.

A few examples of our environmental capabilities and achievements are:

            • Design of Pollution Prevention Systems to minimize or eliminate water, waste and air pollution.
            • Multi-media Environmental Permitting & Compliance Reporting (Water, Air, Haz-Waste, etc.)
            • Strategic Environmental Planning and Corporate Risk/Liability Reduction Assessments
            • Conducted multi-media environmental health & safety audits in compliance with ISO 14001, OSHA 18001, EPA, OSHA and DOT regulations for multiple locations, globally
            • Conducted due diligence environmental assessments (including Phase I & II ASTM assessments)
            • Development of Environmental Plans ( SPCC, OPA-90, SW3P, Waste Recycling, Haz-Waste
            • Reduction, Emergency Response, HW Contingency, Chemical Safety, Hazard Communication)
            • Conducted Mold, Indoor Air Quality and Radon Gas Intrusion studies, and reporting results
            • Conducted Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) for Publically funded and Industrial Projects
            • Conducted Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessments for Projects with environmental risks
            • Conducted studies to phase out toxic chemical compounds ( e.g. lead, organic solvents, PCBs)
            • Developed environmental databases to simplify multi-media regulatory reporting
            • Provided expert testimony on environmental litigation cases related to CAA, CERCLA, CWA &

RCRA regulation compliance issues

            • Assisted clients in developing approach and materials for annual corporate environmental, CSR, sustainability performance and GRI Tier 3 & 4 reporting.
            • Provided environmental health & safety training to new employees, and refresher classroom courses to staff, management, contractors and suppliers
          • Represented several clients professionally when dealing with regulatory agencies, auditors or inspectors. Our clients trust SRC Services in negotiating agreements, penalties and permits/ SRC Engineering Services strives to provide excellent and prompt services in response to our client needs in USA and overseas. We strongly believe in providing our clients the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Due to our track record, we can proudly say that 90% of our business comes from repeat customers.