Environmental, Transportation and Sustainability Services Offered:

Environmental Services:

    • nas pensacolaAir Quality Assessments, Permitting Compliance & Annual Reporting
    • Multi-Media Environmental Compliance Strategic Planning & Management
    • Multi-media Environmental Auditing for Risk Mitigation ( ISO 14001)
    • Hazardous Waste Facility Compliance Planning, Permitting and Biennial Reporting
    • Hazardous Material Control Facilities Planning & Design, Spill Containment Design
    • Water, Storm water & Wastewater Facilities Permitting, and Compliance Reporting
    • Due Diligence Phase I / II Environmental Site Assessments ( ASTM ) for Real Estate Transactions
    • Mold and Microbial investigations, Remedial Action Planning
    • Soil/GW Contamination Assessment, Remedial Action Planning
    • Pollution Prevention Planning (for Hazardous Waste Storm water, Wastewater, etc.)
    • Odor Complaint Investigations, Quantitative Assessments & Remedial Actions
    • Sinkhole & Geological Investigations for Commercial/ Institutional/Residential Clients
    • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for Civil & Transportation Infrastructure projects
    • Technical Support & Research for Environmental Litigation & CERCLA Liability related cases
    • Expert Professional Testimony and professional witness services for Environmental Cases
    • Environmental Risk Assessment and Preparation of Risk Registers for Large Construction Projects

Civil / Transportation Engineering / Construction Services Offered:

    • PMO consultancy services on Civil infrastructure, Transit and Highway Projects


    • Project Management of Civil & Transportation Projects within Government and Private sectors
    • Quality Control (QA/QC) of all types of engineering documents, drawings and plans
    • Review of Civil Design plans, reports, specifications and tender documents
    • Rail Track , Rail Station, Highway/Expressway and associated infrastructure Design
    • Development of Engineering Program Management Plans, with guidance on QA/QC and deliverables
    • Preparation of RFP documents, scope of work, Basis of Design and Owners Requirements.
    • Providing Training & Mentoring to engineering staff members seeking design skills in transit sector
    • Engineering contract administration, on Design Bid Build and Design Build Civil & Transportation Projects
    • Constructability Review of civil and transportation infrastructure projects, based on construction documents
    • Construction Oversight, Quality assurance & Management on Civil & Transportation Infrastructure Projects

Sustainability Services offered by SRC

Sustainability Leadership


          • Sustainability Strategy Development
          • Goals, Metrics & Progress Measures
          • Sustainability Literacy & Training
          • Risk & Opportunity Assessments
          • Sustainability Leadership Training for Design & Construction Managers
          • Sustainability Design & Planning Consulting
          • Sustainability Master Planning for Civil Infrastructure Projects
          • LEED Certification Strategy Development for Civil Infrastructure Projects
          • Sustainable LEED Design Reviews & Design Validations
          • Sustainability Achievement Plans for Projects ( using LEED or other acceptable criteria)
          • Achievement of LEED on Design Build Infrastructure projects, with Integrated approach
          • Facilitation of Sustainability Workshops between Clients, Stakeholders, Contractors & Designers
          • Energy Management
          • Energy Strategy/Program Advisory
          • Efficiency & Conservation Analysis
          • Energy Auditing for Buildings & Mechanical/Electrical Systems
          • Energy Project Criteria Development
          • Renewable/Clean Energy Management
          • Energy Management & Reporting Software Deployment

Water Stewardship

        • Water Strategy/Program Advisory
        • Water Foot printing
        • Water Efficiency & Innovation
        • Source Water Protection Strategy
        • Water Resources Risk Assessments

Climate Change Solutions

          • Climate Strategy/Program Advisory
          • GHG Inventory Management
          • Carbon Foot printing
          • Carbon Credit Evaluation ( California )
          • Regulatory & Policy Analysis
          • Carbon/Energy/Water Integration
          • Value Chain Optimization
          • Supply Chain Sustainability
          • Networks To Accelerate Sustainability
          • Benchmarking Sustainability Performance
          • Next Practice Sharing
          • Product & Packaging Stewardship
          • External Partnerships with Suppliers & Stakeholders