The Value of Transit

Public transport is typically constructed and operated by public agencies.  It is considered to be a service provided for the public good including benefits ranging from improved air quality to mobility for the disadvantaged, elderly and the poor, or as a means to promote development and increased tax revenues.


Mass transit applies to any type of high capacity transport, both public and private.  There are numerous examples of private mass transit throughout the world which were built and operated by private entities.   In addition, there is a trend towards privatizing public transport facilities and services.


In addition to betterment of quality of life for the habitants of a district, mass transit also serves various business objectives such as:

  • Attract patrons to the district,
  • Create an enjoyable experience,
  • Mitigate the need for wider roadways which reduce buildable land area,
  • Reduce the need for parking,
  • Transport people quickly to and within the district,
  • Create marketing opportunities,
  • Manage capital and operating costs.


Transit Mode Options

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